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Rick Neuheisel Hot Seat: UCLA Athletic Director Says Status Of Bruins Football Coach Is 'Day-To-Day'

Rick Neuheisel is on the hot seat as UCLA Bruins head football coach, as athletic director Dan Guerrero described his coach's status as 'day-to-day'.

Looks like the Rick Neuheisel hot seat is as raked over coals as it can possibly get. Graham Watson of Yahoo Sports found this statement on local Los Angeles radio from UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero Listen to the audio here!

"In intercollegiate athletics, we're pretty much all day-to-day," Guerrero told the radio hosts. "That's the reality of our situation. But I said from the very beginning, the key for our program this year was to move the needle, was to obviously improve upon a four-win season (from) last year. We're certainly not where we want to be as a program, there's no question about that. We're certainly not a top-25 team. We're not there yet."

It's a rather odd statement from Guerrero so soon after victory. UCLA may be standing in 2-1 at the Pac-12 and very much alive to capture the South crown. They're even three wins away from bowl eligibility and seem like they're in good position to at least obtain a winning season.

Perhaps the Athletic Director is feeling the heat from the disgruntled fanbase and is trying to assuage their discomfort with the state of the program. The Bruins need to keep on winning or else changes might have to be made. Neuheisel is one of his biggest hires, and his flaming out would be a devastating blow to Guerrero's hopes of remaining as UCLA's athletic director.

And Guerrero gets paid the most in the conference too! Talk about difficult times for the UCLA football program, where only wins can remedy the situation.

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