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UCLA Vs. Stanford: Bruins Score To Fight Back

For the majority of the first half, the story has been Stanford’s dominance. On their first three drives, Stanford scored a touchdown, a touchdown, and a field goal while UCLA turned it over on downs, punted, and fumbled. However, with less than three minutes to go in the half, UCLA finally got a drive together and cut the Tree lead down to ten.

Starting again at their own 20, UCLA marched down the field largely behind the accuracy of Richard Brehaut’s arm. It was Brehaut who threw the scoring play, a 12 yard pass to Joseph Fauria. Stanford simply took a knee to end the half.

UCLA has proven they can drive on Stanford, and the biggest second half change may have to come from the coaching staff. It’s one thing to try and make a statement in your opening drive, but UCLA could be down just a touchdown had they played it safe. There will be plenty of game to prove your worth, the first half has to be about putting points on the board.