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UCLA Vs Stanford: Stanford Scores On Long Drive

Heading into the second quarter, UCLA only trails Stanford by a touchdown. Certainly closer than most thought it would be. That’s probably because Stanford took 16 plays and went 99 yards in 8:08 minutes. In other words, Stanford’s scoring drive took almost half the quarter.

UCLA had a great first drive, starting at their own 20 and getting down to the Stanford two. A Stanford fourth down goal line stand kept UCLA out of the endzone and without any points. Unfortunately for the Bruins, it felt a bit like a last stand.

Wearing their terrible all black uniforms, Stanford is in more control of the game than the scoreboard shows. Andrew Luck is 7/8 for 73 yards and even caught a pass for 13 yards.

As I was typing this update, Stanford scored another touchdown. Clearly the Cardinal have control of this game, and UCLA can only hope to hold on. Richard Brehaut is 5/5 for 79 yards, most of that on the initial UCLA drive.