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Norm Chow, Out At UCLA, Hired As Offensive Coordinator At Utah

The Norm Chow era at UCLA officially ended today, as the offensive coordinator left to become offensive coordinator with the Utah Utes. Earlier today, the Bruins hired Mike Johnson as offensive coordinator, replacing Chow, who had two years and $1 million remaining on his contract. The only question now is how much was the buyout Chow negotiated with UCLA.

For Chow, he returns to the state where he has spent most of his football life. Chow, who coached at BYU from 1973-1999, returns to Utah, where he played in the late 1960s. To make matters even better, with Utah joining the Pac-10 next season, Chow gets to face UCLA immediately. The Utes host the Bruins on November 12. Per the press release from Utah:

"Adding Norm Chow to our offensive staff was an opportunity that we couldn't pass up," said Whittingham. "Norm is widely considered one of the top offensive coordinators in the country and his experience at both USC and UCLA will aid us in our transition into the Pac-12 Conference. I have a longstanding relationship with Norm and have a tremendous amount of respect for him and what he has accomplished over the course of his career."

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