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Five L.A. Football Storylines To Watch This Weekend

The Bruins and Trojans both face lengthy road trips this weekend. Here's what to watch for as USC brushes up with Washington State and UCLA stares down Texas.

1. Will UCLA score? At all? The Pistol's made some progress, but Texas boasts the 2nd-ranked defense in the nation. The Bruins' offensive strength lies in the ground game, and the Longhorns are ranked No. 1 against the run. The passing unit, currently ranked 118th, will have to step up at some point, and based on film review that's on the receivers at least as much as Kevin Prince.

2. Can USC tighten up on the penalties? Beating a very dead horse at this point to harp on the Trojans' on-field discipline, but Washington State can reasonably be expected to be the worst team USC will face this season, and they need to act accordingly to adequately prep their minds for the balance of the Pac-10 slate.

3. Can UCLA flip the turnover margin? Every single point (and there won't be many for either team, we have a feeling) is going to count in the Bruins-Longhorns tilt, and one wasted opportunity could cost UCLA the game. The Bruins currently rank 112th nationally in turnovers lost vs. recovered.

4. Will USC's defense show up big? The Trojans are currently ranked 73rd in pass efficiency defense, and could use a little tuneup in Pullman to prep for Jake Locker next week. (That is, assuming Locker goes back to actually completing passes between now and then. Can't be too prepared!)

5. How's UCLA's durability? This might seem a silly question. It's only Week 4, but this is the third ranked team the Bruins have faced in as many weeks, so starter fatigue may be a real issue.