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Rich Neuheisel Has Had Great Success Against Washington State

The UCLA Bruins have beaten the Washington State Cougars in their last two meetings, and look for a third today. Rick Neuheisel has had even more success, beating the Cougars all eight times he has faced them in his coaching career:

2009: UCLA 43, WSU 7

2008: UCLA 28, WSU 3

2003: Washington 27, WSU 19

2002: Washington 29, WSU 26

2001: Washington 26, WSU 14

2000: Washington 51, WSU 3

1999: Washington 24, WSU 14

1996: Colorado 37, WSU 19

That's an 8-0 record for Neuheisel against Washington State, with an average score of 33-13. UCLA looks for more today, with a 12:37 p.m. kickoff on Prime Ticket. Bill Macdonald, James Washington, and Rebecca Haarlow are on the call.