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SB Nation Los Angeles

USC Football: Defensive Ends Wes Horton and J.R. Tavai Return To Practice

Concerns about USC's lack of depth at DE were quelled somewhat by the returns of Wes Horton and J.R. Tavai to practice.

Dodgers Vs. Giants Game Recap: Madison Bumgarner Bests Clayton Kershaw 2-1

The Dodgers came into Monday night's game against the Giants in first place in the NL West. They left the game in second after losing to San Francisco 2-1.

Dodgers Vs. Pirates Game Preview: Chad Billingsley Looks For 5th Straight Win

Chad Billingsley has done many things in his career, and a five-game win streak isn't one of them. Tonight, Billingsley takes the mound against the still-surprising Pittsburgh Pirates looking for that illusive fifth straight win. Game time 4:05PM PDT

Olympic Medal Count: USC Trojans Have Most Individual College Medalists

The USC Trojans have another accolade to add to their list: Most Individual College Medalists at the 2012 Olympic Games. Of all the universities represented by Qlympians, the Trojans' 24 medals edged out the University of Florida medal count of 21.

Dwight Howard Trade: Andrew Bynum Welcomed To Philadelphia

Philadelphia really is the City of Brotherly Love or at least it wants to make Andrew Bynum think it is. The 76ers welcomed their new center via billboard.