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Rose Bowl 2013, Stanford vs. Wisconsin: Lawry's Beef Bowl begins Wednesday

The annual Lawry's Beef Bowl will begin Wednesday with Wisconsin and Stanford competing to eat a lot of meat.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's only a matter of days before No. 6 Stanford and Wisconsin meet in the Rose Bowl, but before they can play for the Rose Bowl championship, they will first compete for the Lawry's Beef Bowl.

The Lawry's Beef Bowl is an annual event in which the two Rose Bowl teams gather for two dinners at the famous Lawry's Restaurant in Beverly Hills to see which school can eat the most prime rib. The first of the two dinners will be held Wednesday. The Lawry's Beef Bowl dates back to 1957 with Wednesday being the start of the 57th Beef Bowl.

Wisconsin is looking for its second straight Lawry's Beef Bowl championship after eating 723 pounds of prime rib to defeat Oregon last year. After a year of training, the Badgers may have a chance to surpass the all-time record of 734 pounds which was set by Purdue in 2001.

In the history of the event, more than 77,000 pounds of prime rib have been eaten. The winner has also gone on to win the Rose Bowl 39 out of the 56 times. Wisconsin went against that trend last year when they won the Beef Bowl but lost the Rose Bowl.