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Andrew Bynum Rumors: Lakers Big Favors Mavericks, Cavs In Free Agency, Unwilling To Sign Extension With Magic

The Los Angeles Lakers could be caught in a big man exchange this offseason, but there could be a huge hold-up. The big thing keeping any deals from happening? The lack of willingness by either side to sign a contract extension with their proposed new teams.

Howard appears to be adamant that he wants to end up with the Brooklyn Nets, and seems to be not all that keen on sticking with the Lakers. A similar situation appears to exist with Bynum and Orlando. Bynum is a free agent in 2013, and he already has a list of potential teams he'd be interested in if he ends up getting dealt from Los Angeles.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports has filed this report.

Without an extension with Lakers, Andrew Bynum has a short list of teams he will consider in 2013 free agency, league sources tell Y!

Bynum has shown no inclination to agree to an immediate extension if sent to Orlando as part of a Dwight Howard package, sources tell Y!

Dallas and Cleveland are among teams with cap space that would interest Bynum in 2013 as a free agent, sources tell Y!

If Magic and Lakers want to do a deal, each may need to call the bluff on Howard and Bynum stated unwillingness to accept extensions.

So Orlando's unwillingness to deal for Bynum is probably similar to Los Angeles's reluctance to deal for Howard. They'll have to know whether the other player is willing to sign to any arrangement before they're willing to go forward with any deal.

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