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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Magic Make Lakers' Andrew Bynum Top Target, According To Yahoo! Sports

According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, the Orlando Magic are pursuing the Los Angeles Lakers' Andrew Bynum as their top target in any Dwight Howard trade talks.

If it feels like back at square one, it should. Last summer, during Dwight Howard's first dive into the world of wishy-washy future decisions, it looked like Howard would be traded to the Lakers for Bynum. It didn't happen, but even as Howard continues to try to claim that he will only sign an extension with one team (presumably the Brooklyn Nets), it would make plenty of sense for him to change his mind (sense a trend?) and decide to stick with the Lakers long-term.

What's not to like? If Pau Gasol stays, you end up with a top three of Howard, Gasol and Kobe Bryant. That core would challenge the Oklahoma City Thunder for West supremacy next season, even if there are reports of a slight rift in Bryant and Howard's relationship.

Also, according to Woj, Howard's next Adidas deal could be worth double the current money he receives from them if he plays in a major market such as Los Angeles or New York.

The lack of attractive assets offered by the Nets and Houston Rockets have given the Magic pause about engaging them in trade discussions.

But hold tight on whether or not the deal goes down. It's only a Tuesday.

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