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Steve Nash Enthusiasts Give Him A Beer On Los Angeles Highway

Lakers fans everywhere are excited to have Steve Nash on their side for once, but those in Los Angeles are especially pumped up. After watching his years of dominance with the Suns, all eyes will be on the veteran point guard as he coexists with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Co.

As Nash was riding on an L.A. area highway, a couple of his biggest (and drunk?) college supporters tossed him a beer. Yes, there's video. And we have it for you.

The video comes courtesy of Deadspin.

Pretty awesome. And for those of you wanting to call it a fake viral advertisement, do you really think Nash or Keystone Light would support something where alcohol is visibly present in a speeding automobile? I'm going to guess not.

Welcome to the City of Angels, Steve! Here's hoping you get all of the free (and nasty) beer that you want.

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