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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Orlando Magic Suspend Trade Talks, Lakers In Good Spot

The Dwight Howard trade fiesta rolls on. It looks as if there will be a halt in trade talk for the near future, which could mean if there's any deal for the Orlando Magic center, the discussion will be rolling westward.

With talks suspended, it probably means the Brooklyn Nets won't end up with Howard, as they've previously indicated that they will move on from discussions if nothing productive happens today. Already early reports indicate that the Nets are now focusing on retaining Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries and working together with that team.

This could be a good sign for Lakers and Rockets fans, who have been engaging in talks prior to today's event. Both have been working furiously to come up with the right proposal that should get them Howard. The Lakers have the best tradeable asset in Bynum, but the Magic seem willing to only take on draft picks. Could that three-way deal with Bynum, Howard and draft picks from Houston be revived to get every team the player or assets they desire?

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