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Andrew Bynum Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard Switch Looking Unlikely Between Lakers, Magic

With a three-way deal between the Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers looking all but extinguished, Orlando has turned their eyes to the West to try and deal Dwight Howard. Two prominent teams that have emerged at the forefront are the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. And the Lakers do seem to have a leg up with the player that can best replace Howard in Andrew Bynum

The Rockets might be a better candidate because there are too many issues with the picks the Lakers have left, and what Bynum would want to do after 2013, when his contract runs out. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports files this latest report.

The Rockets could be the most intriguing possibility for the Magic because they can satisfy Orlando general manager Rob Hennigan’s desire to get multiple draft picks and unload significant salary off his payroll. The Lakers have the one player, Andrew Bynum, that Hennigan covets, but Bynum hasn't committed to accepting an extension in Orlando, nor do the Lakers have the salary-cap space or ready access to draft picks.

The Magic really want to get assets other than Bynum in a deal because they know that they're downgrading from the best center in the league to the second best, and thus deserve to collect more in the trade. Unfortunately, with the Lakers already having sent a couple of picks to get Steve Nash, it has reduced the arsenal in terms of players and picks another team might want.

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