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Brandon Roy Rumors: Retired Blazers Guard Interested In Lakers Comeback?

Brandon Roy retired last season after having lots of trouble with his knees, but now it seems clear that he doesn't believe he's close to being finished. Roy is mulling a comeback, and might be interested in playing in Los Angeles.

Could it be for the Lakers? Sportando has this report.

Sources close to the player confirmed, "Brandon (Roy) landed in Los Angeles on Monday and is scheduled to leave on Friday."

During his stay in L.A. it is unknown whether or not Roy met with the Lakers' coaching or medical staff, however, he is currently undergoing a series of private medical procedures on his knees. "Tuesday was the first of a series of treatment Roy's going through. He's doing something similar to the treatment Kobe Bryant had on his right knee. It can only help," added the source.

It's clear that Roy plays the same position as Kobe Bryant, so it's hard to envisioning him coming to the Lakers in a starting role. He would most likely have to accept a backup position, which makes sense considering that his health probably would keep him from playing all the time. Although it wouldn't really solve the problems of the Lakers, it would at least make them slightly

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