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Lakers Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol For Kevin Garnett A Possibility?

Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol will hear his name circulated a lot this offseason with regards to trade rumors.

One improbable scenario: Gasol for hated Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett. Shaun Powell of files this report.

There are other possible landing places as well. Maybe the Lakers? Garnett has a home in Malibu, and the Lakers have Kobe Bryant. What they don’t have is cap room, but that can be resolved if they agree to a sign and trade for Pau Gasol. The Lakers desperately want Gasol’s contract (three years, $60 million) off the cap and tried to trade him last summer. The Celtics, with only Pierce and Rondo making decent money, could take Gasol, although that would likely prevent them from re-signing Brandon Bass.

It kind of makes sense. Garnett gives Bryant an alpha dog complement who is just as tenacious on defense as Bryant is on offense. He'd be a willing third option to Bynum and Bryant and offense, could protect the paint, and hit the mid-range jumper that Gasol struggled to deal with most of last season. He would be on the old side, but it's not like Bryant and Garnett would be playing the rest of their time.

Gasol (several years younger than Garnett) would provide Rondo with a nice offensive partner for the next few years, and he could bring good defensive presence. Both Rondo and Gasol would be the best passing players on the team and could complement any Celtics stars they decide to bring back.

This would happen if the Lakers and Celtics ever agreed to talk to each other at any point and would even be remotely interested in doing a cross-team trade that would mutually benefit either side. Don't expect anything to come of this; think of it as a way to pass a spring night away.

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