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Pau Gasol Rumors: Deron Williams Sign-And-Trade Not Likely Between Lakers, Nets

Expect to hear the name of Pau Gasol spread around the NBA trade rumor block all summer. Even though the Lakers appear to be committed to retaining their core, if they were to change their lineup, it would probably be Gasol that gets jettisoned.

However, who could the Lakers deal for that would provide them equal value in return? Deron Williams? Marc Stein of ESPN explains why that scenario is unlikely.

Other teams, including the Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets, had been hoping to lodge their own bids for Williams once free agency begins, sources said. The Los Angeles Lakers, likewise have continued to express interest in a sign-and-trade package built around Pau Gasol for Williams, sources say, despite the Nets' longstanding insistence that they have no interest in Gasol and would only consider such a move if they were getting back All-Star center Andrew Bynum, whom the Lakers have not made available.

Williams has already indicated interest in several teams that don't include the Lakers though and he'd rare If he signed with Brooklyn, he could probably ask for a trade restriction in his next deal, so any potential move probably isn't in the cards.

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