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Lakers Draft Rumors: L.A. Could Trade Up To Get Quincy Miller Or Perry Jones

Up to this point, there has been little interest in what the Los Angeles Lakers will end up doing in the 2012 NBA Draft. Los Angeles has the last pick in the NBA Draft, and although the memory of Isaiah Thomas is still fresh in our minds, it's not likely Mr. Irrelevant will make the difference for L.A. next season.

However, the Lakers might be thinking of making draft day a little bit more interesting for their fans. Here's what Sam Amico had to say earlier.

It's clear why Los Angeles would want Miller; the Lakers need an athletic small forward for the future, and Quincy fits the profile. The interest in a player like Jones does make you wonder if Los Angeles are thinking of keeping Pau Gasol until Jones is fully developed. You have to figure Jones would be targeted to eventually replace Gasol as the team's primary power forward, i.e. an athletic big who can help clean up missed shots from Kobe Bryant or Andrew Bynum on offense.

Talk about the possibility of the Lakers taking a player like Miller or Jones with Los Angeles fans at Silver Screen and Roll.

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