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Metta World Peace Visits The Conan O'Brien Show To Talk About Suspension

In an admittedly poorly timed interview on the Conan O'Brien show that aired Monday night, the Los Angeles Lakers' Metta World Peace answered questions about his suspension for elbowing Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden.

"When it happened, you know, I didn't realize he was that hurt until the day after, because guys in the NBA flop. So I called some third parties, and they said he was OK.

"It's so competitive, you know, I wanted to make sure he was OK first, so I did that. But to call him to make sure he's OK? I didn't want to do that."

There's a sorry hidden in there somewhere but only MWP could tell you where it is. The elbow cost the veteran forward seven games which could include the first game of a semifinal matchup against that same Thunder team if the Lakers can wrap up their current series with the Denver Nuggets tonight.

As for how MWP felt right after the actual elbow occurred, he claims that he didn't really know what his elbow had hit.

"I felt something, but I didn't know it was his actual head."

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