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Lakers Vs. Nuggets Video: Denver Stalker Woman Storms Court, Faces Charges Of Trespassing

So you're probably all hearing about a woman getting onto the court during the Lakers vs. Nuggets game before being walked off by Nuggets security. Click here to see an animated GIF of the incident.

Craig Sager of TNT did some reporting on what happened, and found out the woman was a previous stalker of Nuggets players and had been banned from entering the Pepsi Center because of said stalking. Regardless, she managed to buy tickets, avoid security, and make her way down to the court before being caught by local security. A bit scary, and you have to wonder how good security is if a marked woman was able to make it all the way within reach of the players.

The woman is apparently going to be charged with trespassing, and it looks like this story will be an amusing footnote rather than a black mark on the league.

Update: The stalker was apparently after a former Nugget who hasn't been on the team for awhile. She probably should've checked the rosters.

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