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Pau Gasol Trade Rumors: Lakers PF Interested In Chicago Bulls, Move Him For Luol Deng?

It's no secret that Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers is likely to be dealt this offseason. With Kobe Bryant a year older, the Lakers have no time to stay loyal. Gasol is a huge trade chip Los Angeles could use to get some new talented players along the perimeter.

Sam Smith of files this report that has the Chicago Bulls and Gasol thinking a lot about each other.

The interesting part, according to Lakers’ insiders, is Gasol would like to play for the Bulls. And what you hardly need any sources for is to see how he and Bryant basically can’t stand one another. It was no secret around L.A. what all those post series comments were about. "We got to be committed to each other," said Ron Artest. "This year we wasn't as committed collectively, and that hurt us a lot." Said Bynum: "We just weren't doing it together."

That was because Bryant and Gasol were constantly at odds. And that came out several times in the playoffs with the two frequently arguing on the court and Bryant again questioning Gasol’s heart.

Yes, Gasol will be 32 in July, though given his position and the way he plays he can go a good four or five years. And that’s why him going where he wants to go would be vital. He has two years left on his contract and has talked about returning to play in Europe afterwards. Unless he really liked where he was, you assume. Also, his exorbitant $19 million salary the next two seasons makes him less desirable. And it’s no secret the Lakers want to move him.

Before you think too hard about this thought experiment, remember that Smith is usually never on point with his rumors. That being said, Gasol and the Bulls would be a really intriguing match, particularly to give Derrick Rose a solid post offensive threat and really give Chicago a more diversified attack to get equally solid on both offense and defense.

And Deng and the Lakers could really work out together as a replacement for Metta World Peace and provide more defensive versatility on the perimeter. There's a lot to like about this deal on both sides.

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