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Metta World Peace Becomes Metta Man [VIDEO]

Metta World Peace is kind of a strange guy. He does many quirky things, makes plenty of quirky statements, goes all quirky on us whenever we pay close enough attention to him. That's why we always have to pay attention to whatever he's doing, because we never know what might be coming next.

Videos like what we see below are so totally run-of-the-mill for World Peace. Are we surprised at all by what he just put together?

Basically, World Peace transforms into his alterego, Metta Man ... on a skateboard ... and then dunks a basketball. That is the whole video. This is real life.

I don't know what I just watched. I don't know where I am. But I do believe it was completely worth my time, and we should all empty our savings accounts to contribute to these causes. Because that just happened.

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Check out the SB Nation NBA YouTube channel below and see if you want to subscribe to the videos.