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ANIMATED: Welcome To Serge Ibaka's Block Party

The Los Angeles Lakers are filled with talented vets that know how to get it done in the playoffs, but the Oklahoma City Thunder have straight up outrageous athletes.

One such athlete is Serge Ibaka, who has been guarding the rim with ferocious tenacity in the first half against the Lake Show on Wednesday.

In the words of Mark Jackson: Mama there goes that man.



I'm sure Kobe thought he was going to be alright, but Serge answered with a simple NO.

And one more for good measure:



When a man has a 17 foot wing span like Ibaka, he makes it look to easy.

The Lakers got run out of the gym in their last meeting with OKC, but have been keeping pace thus far on Wednesday. Let's see if they can match the kind of intensity that Ibaka is bringing for Oklahoma City.

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