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Kobe Bryant Sells Mask For Charity

A mask can be handy, after all.

Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers veteran guard, sold his famous mask he wore for a brief period after breaking his nose and suffering a concussion. Bryant was hit in the face, following a hard foul by Dwyane Wade during the NBA All-Star Game on February 26.

The five-time NBA champion auctioned it off to eBay for charity, after he was medically cleared to play without the plastic face mask that was worn to protect his fractured nose. The funds are an investment into the Bryant Family Foundation to assist the homeless in Los Angeles. By the time the auction concluded Tuesday, it was quite staggering that a mask, which had become a trademark for Bryant, raised $67,000.

The starting price was only $250, but the mask was worth more and sold for a high price to enrich the growth of his charitable activity. The protective headwear he wore for 11 games will now help others vastly in need.

It's definitely worth money when he averaged more than 31 points per game and notched his 29,000th career point while sporting the protective mask. Along with an autograph, he selflessly sold it and realizes that the demographic of homeless people living on the streets is staggering.

The mask that once felt like a sauna on his face is now a treasure to many displaced people.

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