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Blake Griffin Kills Pau Gasol Twice During Clippers Vs. Lakers [VIDEO]

Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers had a solid career in the NBA, perhaps bordering on Hall of Fame worthy by all accounts. He's one of the most skilled European big men in NBA history, and was Kobe Bryant's partner-in-crime en route to two NBA championships. Gasol doesn't nearly get the credit he deserves for his offensive ability and overall strength and durability, using a variety of post moves to get on the board while piling up double-doubles throughout his career.

And now he is dead. Blake Griffin killed him. Rest in peace Pau.

Found out how he died [not once, but twice] after the jump.

Check out the animation of this dunk.


For some reason, he decided to come back to life and do it all over again. He chose ... poorly.

Here's an animation of this.


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