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Andrew Bynum: Lakers Center Reportedly Fined, Out Against Nets

Andrew Bynum has been fined by the Los Angeles Lakers for disciplinary reasons and is out against the New Jersey Nets due to an ankle sprain.


Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers has never played any better on the court. His production is at a high level and he's stayed relatively healthy. Bynum is averaging career highs in points and rebounds and is shooting over 58% from the field.

Off the court though, his conduct has been lacking. He has constantly quarreled with the coaching staff. He has struggled to maintain his temparament on the court, and he has often spurned coaching from the Lakers staff. He has paid the price for these issues. Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles files this report.

Bynum recently was fined an undisclosed amount for "numerous infractions," multiple sources confirmed to One of the stunts that warranted the fine from the team was Bynum blowing off a meeting with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

In basketball news, Bynum injured his ankle with a moderate sprain on the left foot in a win over the Golden State Warriors last Sunday. He will probably be out against the New Jersey Nets, but this is a minor issue compared to his disciplinary issues.

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