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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Deal For Michael Beasley Still In The Works, According to Report

As the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaches the Los Angeles Lakers are still trying to do whatever it takes to get a deal done before the buzzer, and according to the Orange County Register's Kevin Ding, the team's proposed three-team deal involving Michael Beasley is still intact, though whether or not Steve Blake is still part of the trade is unknown.

According to Ding the Lakers are trying to decide whether to send a first round pick or Blake to the Blazers, which in turn would send Jamal Crawford to the Minnesota Timberwolves and Beasley to the Lakers, but if they didn't use that pick in this deal they could possibly package it along to Cleveland in hopes of drawing away Ramon Sessions for thier next point guard.

Getting Blake's $4 million off the books for the 2013-14 season will be huge due to the fact they'll be facing severe luxury-tax issues that season, but they'll have to package it how Portland wants if they want to make this deal a reality.

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