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Andrew Bynum Injury: Bruised Right Knee [VIDEO]

Lakers fans will always cringe at the sight of Andrew Bynum limping to the locker room. But that's what happened after making a variety of post moves on Kevin Garnett. After Bynum made his final move and landed down at a slightly awkward angle, Bynum came up hobbling and had to limp off to the locker room.

Here's video of the Bynum injury after the jump.

Andrew Bynum limps off: Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers (via nbavideosnow2)

That being said, the injury doesn't appear to be too serious, and shouldn't hinder Bynum from returning to the basketball game in the second half.

The Lakers would love to see Bynum back on the floor, as he's already piled up a double-double halfway through the game with 11 points and 10 rebounds. Losing him would put a serious dent on their chances of winning this game and numerous others down the road.

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