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Kobe Bryant: 'I'm Sure [The Lakers] Will Do Something'

Kobe Bryant isn't too worried about the Lakers playoff predicament just yet.

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently battling for playoff position and, depending on how the next couple games go, could be anywhere from the four-seed to the eight-seed in the Western Conference playoffs.

As you might imagine, Kobe Bryant isn't too thrilled at this prospect. Of course, he also isn't too surprised at the current position (via L.A. Times):

"Because of the changes in the players and so forth, you just can't come out of the gates and fight for a 1 seed or a 2 seed," he said. "That's just not realistic, but we want to build and get better and go into the playoffs with momentum."

And so that begs the question, will the Lakers make a big trade or roster move? Kobe certainly thinks so (via ESPNLA):

"I'm sure they'll do something," Bryant said. "They'll tweak something. I don't know what. But I'm sure they'll do something."

"The motivation is for us to build a contender," Bryant said. "It's not to just kind of sit around and see what falls in our lap. That's not the impression that I get from management at all, so I think that allows me to be patient. You can't just rush into things and then you make bad decisions, you make bad choices, you're locked into bad contracts. So, it's important to be patient, make right choices and we'll be fine."

Kobe will do his thing in the meantime but you can be sure the Lakers will follow through on Kobe's idea that he has a new teammate or two waiting in the wings.

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