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Kobe Bryant Injury Update: Lakers Guard Declares Right Wrist Healed

Kobe Bryant is playing through pain. This is nothing new. The Lakers guard will be playing hurt probably for the rest of his career, as he refuses to take too much time off to rest his injuries. So it's likely that he'll only stop playing until he's physically unable to walk onto the court.

So it has to be good news for Laker fans that Bryant's torn ligament is healed up. Yeah, I'm not sure exactly how that happened, but apparently ...

Yeah, how exactly did that happen? Science pretty much refutes the idea that Bryant's ligament is healed. Is he bluffing through the pain and just hoping that it's gone for the moment? Or did it really undergo a regenesis?

With Kobe's right wrist all better, that could be good news for the Laker offense because it's tough to see them doing any better if his shooting arm is in pain.

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