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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Lakers Inquired About Rockets PG Jonny Flynn, Rebuffed

Jonny Flynn didn't do well enough as the stop-gap for the Minnesota Timberwolves until the dawn of the Ricky Rubio era. Flynn averaged over two turnovers a game, but only managed three to four assists during his tenure and saw his playing time and shooting numbers drastically decrease before getting moved to the Houston Rockets, where he has been riding the pine. All in all, it was not a successful project.

Sounds like just the type of point guard the Lakers need! And it appears that's exactly what happened. Chris Broussard of ESPN reports.

Now the Lakers want to go after a point guard that wasn't good enough for the Timberwolves. How tough times are for the Laker point guard once more. Magic Johnson is rolling over in his basketball grave.

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