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NBA Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard 'Forcing His Way' to Nets?

Where will Superman end up?

Dwight Howard trade rumors are nothing new and the conversation as to if, when, and where the Magic will trade their disgruntled superstar have been going on for quite a while now. That said, some new rumors have emerged. According to NBA Writer Alex Kennedy:

Multiple sources believe Howard will force his way to the Nets and he certainly has leverage, just like Carmelo Anthony had last year when he would only agree to sign an extension with the New York Knicks. Howard wants to team up with Deron Williams, loves the idea of playing in Brooklyn and knows that the front office will involve him in the decision-making process. This puts the Magic in a very difficult position. Their options are limited to trading Howard to New Jersey or hoping that a team is willing to acquire the superstar as a rental.

So what does this mean for the Lakers, a team that Howard has been linked to over the last few months? Well, according to that article,

The Lakers have already been informed that Howard won't sign a long-term deal in Los Angeles, according to sources close to the situation. If the Lakers were to trade for Howard, he would opt out and test free agency. Howard's interest in Los Angeles has always been overstated, mainly because he doesn't want to follow in Shaquille O'Neal's footsteps and he doesn't want to go through another rebuilding process anytime soon. With Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol is their thirties, Howard would be reaching his prime just as his All-Star teammates are declining.

Nothing set in stone, obviously, but interesting nonetheless. If this were true, the odds of Howard ending up with the Lakers seems to have decreased.

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