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Kobe Bryant Injury: Nasal Fracture Due To Dwyane Wade [VIDEO]

If Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade meet in the 2012 NBA Finals, remember this bizarre incident where Wade treated the All-Star Game a little too seriously. Don't expect Bryant to be too happy about what happened.

After the jump, see the video, and perhaps Bryant being more dinged up than he let on.

And yes, Wade drew blood.


The injury itself was unremarkable, but Kevin Hart's reaction was outstanding.

Kobe Bryant breaking his nose isn't funny, but Kevin Har... on Twitpic

(Click here for the bigger image.)

This is a little strange, isn't it? Even weirder is the fact that Bryant seemed to be more injured than he let on.

Yeah, I'm sure Bryant will be healthy, but that's a lot of pain to deal with for All-Star weekend in general. Will he take his annoyance on his injury out on Miami the next time they play? Don't be surprised if he does. It is in Kobe's nature to inflict pain on those who cross him.

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