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NBA Skills Challenge Results: Russell Westbrook Doesn't Make It Past First Round

Sunday night in Orlando, the annual NBA All-Star Weekend held some of its long-running exhibition contests featuring a bevy of pro basketball stars. The day featured a stacked lineup of events, including the D-League All-Star Game, the 3-Point Contest and the Shooting Stars event.

Former UCLA Bruins star Russell Westbrook participated in the NBA Skills Challenge, which was an obstacle course of dribbling, passing and shooting at both ends of the court for the best time. Other participants included Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo, John Wall, Deron Williams and Kyrie Irving.

Westbrook did not survive the first cut, coming in at 33.8 seconds in his first run. Irving was the only competitor to do worse in the opening round, posting a time of 42.2 seconds.

Tony Parker took home the trophy, with Rondo coming in second. Parker's final round looked lackadaisical but clocked in at 32.8 seconds. Rajon muffed three bounce passes in a row on his final run, which ended up being the difference as his time was 34.6 seconds.

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