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NBA Rookie-Sophomore Game 2012 (Score And Results)

The BBVA NBA Rising Stars Game continued on the pace set in the first half, with Team Chuck prevailing over Team Shaq 146-133. The game was called both a slam dunk contest and a three point contest, as neither team played much defense and fans got to see what would happen if NBA players were free to play to their fullest ability without opposition. Kyrie Irving finished with a game high 34 points and 9 assists and went 8-8 from three point land, winning the game's MVP Trophy.

Blake Griffin didn't come close to that, only playing five minutes in the second half after playing five minutes in the first half. Griffin scored four straight to begin the second half, and finished the game with ten points. Eight of those points were scored on dunks, including an alley-oop from Kemba Walker who finished with a game high ten assists.

Team Chuck shot better than 50% from the field, which in large part contributed to their dominant victory. Griffin and Lin, two of the most popular players in the NBA, were held to such limited minutes (Jeremy Lin only played nine minutes) Team Shaq ended up a bit hamstrung.

The game also saw the premier of yet another Blake Griffin Kia commercial, this time featuring Jeff Goldblum. So for those who tuned in to watch Griffin certainly got a few morsels to chew on.