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NBA Rookie-Sophomore Game 2012 (Halftime Update)

The BBVA NBA Rookie-Sophomore Game (Rising Stars Game) 2012 tipped off in Orland tonight, and so far there hasn't been much defense. Kyrie Irving of Team Chuck leads all scorers with 18 points, as Chuck leads Shaq 77-65. Team Chuck has four players in double digit scoring in this game with two 20 minute halves, while Shaq only has one.

Blake Griffin, who is starting for the NBA West All-Stars on Sunday, only played five minutes in the first half. He took two shots, his only make a dunk on a lob from NBA heartthrob Jeremy Lin two minutes into the game. There were some boos as Lin was announced in Orlando, and he too has played limited minutes; only five and that lob is his only assist.

Both Lin and Griffin started, but perhaps with all that's going to be asked of both players this All-Star game keeping them off the court was a coaches decision.