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Pau Gasol Rumors: Derrick Rose Denies Pushing For Gasol Trade

The Pau Gasol rumor mill continues to churn, as reports out of Chicago Thursday were that Bulls superstar Derrick Rose recently approached team management to push for a trade involving the Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol.

According to the ESPN Chicago report, the proposed deal would have sent C.J. Watson and Carlos Boozer to L.A. for Gasol, though Rose was adamant that he never did any such thing:

"I heard about it after (Monday's) game," Rose said. "That's something I wouldn't say to anyone, that I need someone to come to this team or I'm trying to get rid of someone on this team. It was all false and that's something I would never do."

Rose and Gasol are both clients of super agent Arn Tellem, who represents 40 plus NBA players. Rose and his teammates have had a great rapport, and with a 27-8 record there doesn't seem to be much need to rock the boat:

"I'm good with the teammates I have," Rose said. "I've always been saying that. The team that I have, we've been winning games, and we're not in the position to look to trade anyone right now."

So are the Lakers who look to enter the All-Star break on a three game winning streak in Oklahoma City Thursday night.

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