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Kobe Bryant And Wife Vanessa Possibly Reconciling?

According to the journalistic mavericks over at TMZ, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and his presently estranged wife Vannesa may possibly be making a reconnection, to which they can 'confirm' from their sources.

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Vanessa attended the Valentine's Day matchup with the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday, and made sure to greet Kobe with a kiss in the tunnel after the game, to which they have evidence of. Kobe and Vanessa have already filed all the necessary paperwork for a divorce, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's too late to reconsider. After all there are the coupe's children to think about.

How much has these family matters been distracting Kobe? Not much, he's only leading the league with 28.7 points a game while his Lake Show have won three of their last four contests.

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