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Lakers Free Agent Rumors: Kobe Bryant Would Have No Problem With The Lakers Adding Gilbert Arenas

It wasn't too long ago that Gilbert Arenas lit up the Staples Center for 60 points and earned the backwards compliment from Kobe Bryant that Arenas "has no conscience".

But that Arenas hasn't been seen for some time now. Not since his gun charges and knee problems in Washington forced him away from the team that made him a $100 million dollar man. A trade, a lackluster performance for that team and an amnesty clause casualty later, Arenas is a free agent and that same player who said he had no conscience would welcome him into his backcourt, according to this story.

"Sure," responded Byant during Tuesday's practice in El Segundo when asked if he was in favor of bringing in Arenas. "It certainly wouldn't hurt, that's for sure."

Good Arenas boasts a 21.2 ppg career scoring average and is a three-time All-Star. Bad Arenas averaged just 8.4 points and shot 34.4 percent from the field in 49 games with the Orlando Magic last season.

Unfortunately, Bad Arenas is also Most Recent Arenas.

Arenas did however have treatment done to his knees and hips this offseason in Germany so maybe he has the same results as Bryant.

"Obviously, whoever they decide to bring in to help, that's (the front office's) decision," said Pau Gasol. "But if we could have a talented player that can help us and be effective and make a difference, we'll be happy."

If that player turns out to be Arenas, hopefully the Lakers can get a glimpse of the player who lit up the Staples Center. The other option just isn't as attractive.