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NBA All-Star ballots: Kobe Bryant leading vote getter in 2nd returns

Apparently the nation has taken notice of all of Kobe Bryant's 30-point games as he is currently the leading vote-getter for the NBA All-Star Game.

Doug Pensinger

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is leading the NBA All-Star balloting with 977,444 votes after the second returns of tallying.

Bryant is currently ahead of second place vote-getter LeBron James by 7,130 votes. The 16-year veteran is projected to be part of a Western Conference backcourt that consists of Chris Paul (542,564 votes), Jeremy Lin (496,133), James Harden (283,691) and Russell Westbrook (232,074).

Bryant's new teammate Dwight Howard is also projected to start for the West, currently holding the second-most votes out of any frontcourt member with 616,150. Kevin Durant leads Howard by a wide margin with 924,898 total votes. The rest of Howard's projected frontcourt mates are as follows: Blake Griffin (489,795), Tim Duncan (299,434) and fellow Laker Pau Gasol (197,377).

The rest of the Eastern conference All-Star team outside of James currently projects as: Carmelo Anthony (891,759), Dwyane Wade (645,875), Rajon Rondo (574,272), Kevin Garnett (328,716), Deron Williams (309,778), Chris Bosh (308,194), Tyson Chandler (260,000), Kyrie Irving (258,193) and Ray Allen (195,142).