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Mike D'Antoni gets heated with Lakers reporter

Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni got heated with a reporter for asking a question about the team's defensive effort.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling and their defense isn't doing so well. The Lakers have given up 100 points or more five out of the last six games, and they've lost all five games. The latest loss came against the Cleveland Cavaliers, falling 100-94.

Los Angeles Times reporter T.J. Simers apparently questioned whether the Lakers were dedicating enough effort on defense. Mike D'Antoni was not pleased at all by the question.

"You're starting to piss me off" was the phrase that D'Antoni apparently used. D'Antoni must be tired of having his defensive chops questioned because of his offensive-minded acumen.

Simers is known to be a bit of a instigator. He recently got into a tiff with UCLA head coach Jim Mora for reportedly questioning how much the Bruins were putting into their game before the Pac-12 championship, particularly since it was Stanford and they would be playing them again a week from now.