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Mike Brown fired: Lakers didn't have time, patience to wait

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With no time to wait, the Lakers organization brushed aside its usual patience to dismiss Brown.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

With the firing of head coach Mike Brown, the Los Angeles Lakers "lacked patience," according to Lakers blog Silver Screen And Roll. "The Lakers are a patient organization," author C.A. Clark writes, "yet Mike Brown still finds himself out of a job. Why?"

According to Clark, the usually patient L.A. organization simply didn't have time to wait around for this one. Not only are Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant aging, but more importantly is that the Lakers have just this one season to convince Dwight Howard to sign a contract.

While much has been made of the Lakers and the "Princeton offense," Clark says poor defense is the real reason Brown is gone.

A defensive strategist should be more equipped to create some kind of scheme to protect the defensive weaknesses of his team. -Silver Screen And Roll

So despite lacking patience, "It was perfectly fitting and appropriate for Brown to be shown the door so quickly," according to Clark. "Mike Brown can't sell patience, and the Lakers couldn't afford to buy any of it this season."

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