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Lakers focused on improving offensive sets

The Los Angeles Lakers are still looking to tinker and improve their Princeton offensive sets.


The Los Angeles Lakers have supposedly struggled a lot orienting toward their new hybrid Princeton offense. The Lakers have shot over 50% from the field so far this season, which is second only to the Miami Heat. They've also managed to hit over 40% of their three pointers.

Mike Trudell, the official blogger for the Lakers, reports that Los Angeles is still aiming to improve offensive execution week-by-week. Here's what Mike Brown has to say on his team's offensive tinkering.

“With what we’re doing offensively in terms of the spacing and the movement has really helped (Bryant) as well as everybody else,” said coach Mike Brown. “We don’t really know what we’re doing quite yet, to a certain degree, but if you watch us play, guys are scoring fairly easily. It hasn’t been a struggle (except) when we’re turning the ball over, and most of the turnovers that we’re making are the right play, they’re just a half a count too late.

Indeed, there is still plenty of fixing that's needed, particularly when it comes to cutting down the turnovers. The Lakers have struggled to hold onto the basketball to start their season, and it has turned winnable games into losses. The Lakers have dropped their first three games of the season, although they did rally to blow out the Pistons on Sunday to capture their first win of the season. The Lakers will not play until Wednesday, when they had to Salt Lake City to face the Jazz.