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Clippers vs. Lakers: Mike Brown's club again struggles offensively

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to 0-3 on Friday night after continuing to struggle on the offensive end.

Stephen Dunn

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to 0-3 on Friday night after losing to the crosstown Clippers. It was a frustrating night for an offense that scored just 95 points, especially given Kobe Bryant had 40 of them. With their defense also unable to get crucial stops late in the fourth quarter, the combination was a recipe for a long night, regardless of how many All-Stars are on the roster.

SB Nation's Lakers blog, Silver Screen and Roll, weighed in on the struggling offense and what they believe is the main problem:

It appears to be a consistent theme in the Lakers season thus far. The Princeton offense, if being ran properly, ideally creates easy looks for the team as a whole. But, as has seemingly always been the case for the Lakers, after the first quarter, rarely do sets appear to be running. It goes right back to the offense that the Lakers dealt with through last season, a form of hot potato that generally ends up with Kobe Bryant having to find a way to get the ball in the basket. That isn't sound offense, coaching, or decision making.

It will be interesting to see how coach Brown changes up his rotation in the coming days. There's a fine line between panicking and making a true adjustment to help the team perform better; Brown has to find it and get his team to buy in, which they apparently haven't done early in the season. Fortunately for L.A., there's still plenty of basketball left to be played in 2012-13.

Los Angeles will try to pick up their first win against the lowly Detroit Pistons on Sunday night.