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Floyd Mayweather boasts of $275k win on Spurs-Lakers

At least one person was very happy when the Lakers fell to the Spurs on Tuesday.


Floyd Mayweather is Twitter's most famous sports gambler, and he got a big payday on Tuesday night when San Antonio's Danny Green his a three-pointer to give the Spurs a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

As he frequently does, the boxing star tweeted his winning ticket to the world:

The $275,000 is but a drop in the bucket for Mayweather, who pulls in huge checks for his fights and is worth north of $100 million. The boxer frequently tweets about his big bets, and famously lost $3 million by betting on the Michigan Wolverines against the Alabama Crimson Tide at the start of the college football season. Alabama pounded Michigan, 44-14.

Mayweather apparently wasn't nearly as confident in the Spurs, getting back only a fraction of the money he lost on the Wolverines.

As for the Lakers, they fell to 3-5 with the loss. Los Angeles is trying to recover from a 1-4 start that cost head coach Mike Brown his job.