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Mike D'Antoni hired: Who were Lakers' other coaching options?

Bomani Jones of SB Nation offers his opinion as to whom should have been hired as head coach of the Lakers.

In the latest edition of Bomani & Jones, SB Nation's Bomani Jones gives his thoughts on whom the Lakers should have hired as their next head coach. However, the Lakers had their own ideas, as they named Mike D'Antoni as coach late Sunday night, before the video was released.

Jones had several "out of the box" suggestions, including explorer Ponce de Leon to help with the aging lineup.

"Until Dwight Howard stops looking like a guy who just had back surgery, the Lakers need someone who can help them reach the fountain of youth," Jones joked.

What about rapper and producer Dr. Dre as the next Lakers coach?

"Given his reputation for perfectionism he'd certainly cut down on the Lakers' turnovers," Jones opined. "Plus it's possible all the Lakers needed to do was be patient. It's 2012, and somehow we're still waiting on Detox. Patiently."

Be sure to watch this video as well as other editions of Bomani & Jones.