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Steve Nash injury: Lakers PG now out for game with shin injury

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash left Wednesday's game a second time after injuring his shin in the second quarter. Nash has a contusion in his lower left leg and will not return on Wednesday.

Nash injured his shin late in the second quarter when he collided with Portland's Damian Lillard. He limped off the court and met with the training staff before spending the rest of the first half in the locker room. He came out to start the third quarter wearing a protective sleeve over his shin and appeared ready to play the second half. After re-entering the game, Nash was clearly bothered by the injury and once again exited for the locker room.

Nash joins a long list of Lakers nursing injuries, including Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. The injury comes at a tough time for the Lakers as Los Angeles is scheduled to play the Clippers on Friday. Playing a third game in three days and attempting to guard Chris Paul would already be a tough situation for Nash. Attempting to do that at less than 100 percent will be a serious challenge for the 38-year-old Nash.