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AT&T U-verse TV , Time Warner Cable Sports reach a deal

Los Angeles sports fans that subscribe to AT&T U-Verse TV will now be able to watch Los Angeles Lakers, Galaxy and Sparks games this season, now that the carrier has struck a deal that will allow AT&T U-Verse to carry Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable Deportes to its Southern California subscribers.

The news comes not too long after Charter and Verizon FiOS were each able to land a deal with Time Warner Cable Sports. All three deals come after prolonged negotiations, but fortunately just before the NBA 2012-13 regular season tip off.

While this is good news for AT&T U-Verse TV owners, DirecTV subscribers are still waiting for their television provider to reach a deal with Time Warner, the new home of the Lakers, Sparks and Galaxy.

Fortunately, there is still time for Lakers fans without the new home for Lakers games, since the first game will be nationally televised on TNT. There are just four days left, though, until the Lakers play their first of many games on Time Warner Cable on Oct. 31.