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Kobe Bryant, Tim Tebow And Ass Kissing

The Denver Broncos managed a thrilling upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night in the opening round of the NFL playoffs. Millions of people were watching the highly-anticipated matchup between polarizing quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger and Tim Tebow. One of those viewers was Los Angeles Lakers megastar Kobe Bryant. Kobe seemed to enjoy the game just as much as the rest of us. In particular, he seems to be a fan of Tebow.

NBA columnist Kevin Ding got some comments from Bryant about the NFL playoff game and here is what the Lakers star had to say:

Kobe watched Tebow today: "The guy wins. If he was an a------, he'd tell everyone to kiss his ass."
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It makes sense that Bryant is drawn to players who simply seem to find a way to win. (It could also be argued by a more cynical person that Kobe identifies with a star player who has a propensity for holding onto the ball, even when his teammates appear to be open. But no one around here would be that cynical, right?)

It's true what Bryant says, though. A less gracious Tebow wouldn't hesitate to speak out about the popular disdain for him. The Broncos QB certainly seems to take an unusually large amount of vitriol in an exceedingly mature and easygoing manner.

It's actually kind of fun to imagine a foul-mouthed, mirror universe Tebow. Bizarro Tebow would flash middle fingers rather than kneel and pray. He'd throw right-handed and overhand rather than the trademark lefty sidearm. And most importantly of all, he'd have a rocking Evil Goatee.

Thank you, Kobe, for bringing this delightful alternate version of Tim Tebow to life.

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