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VIDEO: Chris Paul-Pau Gasol Incident; CP3 Calls The Spaniard 'Soft'

At the end of the battle of Los Angeles where the Lakers held off to even the series between the Clippers, it might have been time for tensions to cool between everyone as they regrouped for the next contest against each other.

Chris Paul was having none of it, and let Pau Gasol know about it walking down the court. You can check out the video of it for yourself after the jump.

(via ktl07)

Then after the game, this happened.

(via Clippersfan86)

Yeah, for those of you wondering what exactly CP3 said to Pau, it looks exactly what it looks like. Poor Gasol gets called soft again. Will it ever stop for the two-time champion? What must does this man prove?

I'm guessing he'll have to stop treating opponents like they're his kids. (For those having trouble viewing the animation, click here).


(HT shay of Clips Nation)

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