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Lakers-Clippers Tickets Actually Reasonably Affordable

Believe it or not, it's cheaper to go to this game hosted by the Lakers than games hosted by the Clippers.

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For one of the first times in recent memory, the Los Angeles Clippers will be ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers in the standings when the two teams face off tonight. The Clippers (9-5) are 1.0 games ahead of the Lakers (10-8) in the Pacific Division standings, which is maybe the reason that tickets for the game are relatively cheap, at least by this season's standard (buy tickets here).

While games the Lakers host are almost always more expensive than games the Clippers host, this year that seems to be changing. The average ticket price for tonight's game is $260. The Jan. 14 game, which was hosted by the Clippers, was $304. It's also cheaper than the April 4 game, which is the next game being hosted by the Clippers.

It is worth noting that both of those games being hosted by the Clippers are nearly twice as expensive, on average, than other Clippers games. Still, it's interesting to see the paradigm shift ever so slightly.